25 Video Ideas for Marketing Content

25 Ideas for Video Marketing Content

Why Do I Need Video Ideas for My Marketing Content?

Video marketing content is the most engaging and easily consumable forms of content on the internet, and can be very addicting when used correctly. Just about everyone has lost track of time on YouTube and other video platforms. It’s too easy not to.

In fact, studies have shown that around 55% of people watch videos every single day, while 78% watch videos at least once a week. These numbers are only growing, which also demonstrates why YouTube should be a powerful part of your video marketing content strategy.

But, coming up with content to produce isn’t always easy. So here are 25 creative ideas for short videos for the next piece of video marketing content that you create. This list of campaign video ideas for content creators will help you mix things up and drive more engagement–and hopefully more reach and conversions–for your campaign.

#1 – Announce Something Big

Don’t spill the beans through a tweet. Post a short video announcing the next big deal about your business and spread it on social media. Video marketing content allows you to build hype through genuine personality and on-screen animations.

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#2 – Parody Something Popular

Creating a parody can be one of the more creative video ideas for online content creators on this list. Can you think up a clever spin-off of a famous movie clip, music video, or something funny that has been making its rounds across the internet recently? People love seeing twists on relevant and fresh topics and, if you think of something original, you can use this fact to the advantage of your business. Act quickly, and don’t let the trend fade before you post a video. If you do, it will be like serving up stale bread–stay at the leading edge of the trend, don’t follow behind it.

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#3 – Capture Testimonials

Far too many businesses these days have missed out on the power of video testimonials. Having short written testimonials on your website is undoubtedly beneficial, but you should also interview your best customers and turn that footage into video testimonials. Video testimonials are more trustworthy compared to written ones. They bring the story of your best customers to life, making it easier for prospects to connect with their message. If you have a lot of happy customers the can be everyday video content for business.

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#4 – Show Them How

Don’t just tell your customers how they can use your product, show them by utilizing a video walk-through of your product or service. Demonstrate how it can help their business by getting hands-on and emphasizing the selling points.

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#5 – Host a Q&A Session

Your audience is bound to have some questions about your product or service. Maybe you get a lot of emails or comments with a few often repeated questions. By taking these questions into a live stream and answering them for your viewers, you’ll help engage interested visitors and possibly turn them into customers.

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#6 – Go Behind-The-Scenes

Who doesn’t like getting a sneak peek into the backstage operations of your business? It makes them feel like they are getting something exclusive and as though they’re in on a secret. It can make them feel very included in your brand and build a stronger connection while also raising interest in your product or service. If you have something new in the works, share a little bit with your audience to spark their interest.

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#7 – Showcase The Creation Process

Are you creating a new product? Showcase the work that goes into it by highlighting all the steps you had to take to get from concept to finished product. If it’s a service that you offer, you might take your customers through the process of getting from Point A to Point X, Y, or Z.

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#8 – Live Stream and Event or Meeting

Many businesses participate in educational talks, conferences and other events. These events can be great content to live stream – in their entirety or just a few highlights. The content is there for the taking and it can be as simple as pulling out your cell phone to broadcast it live.

If you are interested in some more out-of-the-box ideas for video, consider live streaming company events or meetings. Like your team’s birthday parties, a new employees first day or a part of a meeting with your most important client. The possibilities go on.

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#9 – Show What NOT To Do

Another one of the more creative video ideas on this list – the possibilities of what NOT to do are endless. Do people sometimes make mistakes about how to use your product? Make an educational video marketing content demonstrating the “Top 3 Ways People Go Wrong With ________”. You can also put a humorous spin on the video by including one or two mistakes that are merely off-the-wall and entirely filmed for comedy purposes. I mean there is a whole 15M subscriber YouTube Channel dedicated to what not to do.


#10 – Introduce The Team

People like putting a face to the name. Whether it’s just you or a whole team of individuals, getting face-to-face with your customers and telling them who’s behind the brand can help build authority. Have each team member state what they do, and then share a story or answer some fun questions so they can make a connection with your viewers.

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#11 – Conduct Interviews

Would it be appropriate for your brand to bring in an industry expert and ask them some questions? Answering questions like these can benefit your audience and help position your brand as an authority. It can also open you up to a broader audience who has a connection with the person you are interviewing.

It is easy-to-produce, high quality content. We have been doing a lot of it lately.

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#12 – Use a Whiteboard

Whiteboard videos were all the rage a couple of years back. While the hype has died down, you can still utilize them to help add a new aspect to your video campaign. Get a large whiteboard to use in your next piece of video marketing content and have a person utilize it for writing down important points or even illustrating little drawings. They don’t have to be an artist to use a whiteboard for an extra boost of intrigue.


#13 – Share A Screen

Is there a way you can utilize a screen capture software to give a walk-through of your software or something to do with your business? Like maybe showing them how to enter into your online member’s area or use your product to the greatest extent. Screen sharing adds an extra aspect that can help with tutorials.


#14 – Unbox A Product

Are there certain products or tools that you utilize in your niche? Something you think your audience will find helpful? Or maybe your own product? Do an unboxing or product review video and share the value of that product with your customers.


#15 – Day-In-The-Life

Everybody loves getting to see life through someone else’s eyes. What does a day-in-the-life look like at your business? Film some short clips throughout the day at your office and then compile them together to showcase the fun culture of your brand.


#16 – Before and After

Before and after pictures can be compelling for certain types of products, including clients’ projects, renovations, and some other services. Take a before and after video to highlight what your product or service helped accomplish.


#17 – Time Lapse

Is there an extended project that you can take video footage of and then speed up to create a time-lapse effect of its creation. People love watching things come together in a fast-forward style, whether it took hours, days, or even months’ of real-time work.

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#18 – Reveal Something

There’s no better way to launch a new product than to highlight its features and demonstrate it in action than through a video. In this way, video marketing content is excellent for building excitement and trust. Here’s a “brand reveal” video we created recently for a client:



#19 – Say Thank You

Did your last event turn out to be a huge success? What about your latest launch? Taking a moment to thank your audience works in two ways: It expresses appreciation for your current customers, and it highlights your product/service/brand’s popularity for newcomers. We have done these videos to thank our clients as well.


#20 – Tell Stories

Are there some engaging stories you can tell that are related to your niche or business? If you can cleverly share it through the use of video, you can find that stories are a great marketing tool. Some exaggeration is acceptable as long as you keep it real.


#21 – Roundups

Have you had a lot of fun videos over the years? Why not make a video compilation highlighting some of them? Like the “Best Bloopers of 2017” or the “Coolest Videos of the Year” that highlights a specific topic or period.

vidwheel Creator Network Video Support Group

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#22 – Build Buzz

Is there something exciting that’s soon to happen with your business? Use your next videos to hint at this announcement and start building excitement about it. This type of video can also encourage first-time viewers to click the subscribe button. If you end the video with a tease to an upcoming video that’s bound to blow their minds.


#23 – Tour Your Office

This type goes back to the behind-the-scenes type approach. People love getting to see other parts of your studio and figure out what goes into making your videos, especially if you are in a creative niche. Giving your audience a tour of your office, especially by making it an exclusive video (like only available on Facebook, for instance), can boost interest and engagement.


#24 – Perform a Publicity Stunt

Publicity stunts can be the perfect way to utilize video content for your brand. Come up with a creative video idea your brand can use to build interest in your product and make it viral-worthy. This video type can turn out to be a massive success if approached correctly, so invest time into something exciting.


#25 – Prove Something

Is there a rumor or a misconception related to your brand? Prove it or disprove it through a video. You can also take a humorous approach by cultivating a fun rumor yourself. Act like you’re going to disprove, and then comedically “prove” it is throughout the video. These off-the-cuff videos can be published to the most serious of business’ channels every once in a while to lighten the mood and entertain your viewers.



There you have it. 25 creative ideas for short videos. Some creative video ideas, some run-of-the-mill. Go forth and make great video. Of course, an idea is just the first step (and the easiest step) in the process. We have resources that will help you take the next steps, including The Video Marketing Strategy Blueprint (PDF) – a quick, actionable way to work out the strategy surround this video – worksheet included. Or The Definitive Guide to Small Business Marketing a more comprehensive guide on how to market your business using video.

Last but not least, the vidwheel Creator Network. This is your video support group, gear, and coach in a box, a more holistic approach to creating your own content. We can help you unlock your ability to create powerful, professional video.

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