Unlock Your Ability to Create Powerful, Professional Video

We would love to have you as a part of the vidwheel Creator Network, a simple and collaborative way to boost your influence on the world through video. This service is designed to empower founders and business owners to make terrific video. All you need is an interest in creating and/or streaming high-quality video content and the desire to learn and refine your skills. We can’t wait to help you realize your goal.

It is More Than Just a Studio-in-a-box

As a part of the vidwheel Creator Network, we provide you with a flexible and efficient home video studio system (the VidKit) designed for recording and streaming high-quality video content. An easy-to-use kit that will make you a pro in no time. This setup is ideal for video meetings, webinars, vlogging, talking head, and how-to videos.

But the vidwheel Creator Network is so much more than just gear, we will also provide you with the knowledge and guidance that you need to make effective and impactful video content. This includes assistance setting-up, streaming, recording, editing, distributing, strategizing, planning, and executing your vision with our monthly coaching sessions.

Finally, we strive to create the fertile ground that you and other Creator Network members need to grow your creator skills through a collaborative and supportive social network of your peers. A forum designed to connect you with other like-minded folks that are honing their own video craft.

Start Creating High-Impact Content for a Low Monthly Subscription

This program provides:

  • The equipment you need…for great video content.
  • Expert advice…on how to use it and make great video content.
  • Connection to others…with great ideas to share.
vidwheel Creator Network Desktop Kit

Let’s Make It High-Quality

The VidKit. The retail value of this home studio kit is over $1,100 and we will send you one as part of your membership to the vidwheel Creator Network. This kit has everything you need to allow you to stream and record high-quality video content from your home or office. The kit is the key to your Creator Network success and it includes:


It Takes a Village

The Community. Built through technologies that you already use – Zoom , email and a closed social media network – we have created a network of aspiring and established video creators that will provide you with an open forum to ask questions, show off work and provide feedback to the rest of the Creator Network.

Check out our example Creator Network Zoom meeting.


vidwheel Creator Network Forum
included consulting services get you the answers you need

Expert Advice On Whatever You Need

The Guide. We will provide whatever support you need to create and execute your video vision (sales, marketing, training, or just the best video feed on your next Zoom meeting) through unlimited consulting sessions. You have access to our team and our network of experts to ensure that we have the answers to your pressing video questions.


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