Create Powerful + Professional Videos That Grow Your Business

…with NO tech or video editing experience required.

vidwheel Creator Network (vCN) Membership,
Membership+, and Free Resources

vCN Breakdwon

vCN Membership Includes…

✅ Office Hours

✅ Private Group And Messenger Thread

✅ All Paid Courses

✅ 30-Day Video Reeeaaach Challenge


Get access to a hub of information, support, and constructive feedback from like-minded peers with years of experience, educational resources, bi-weekly events and office hours.

It’s the trifecta of video mastery:

✅ Right training✅ Right equipment✅ Right community

The vCN Membership+ Adds…

✅ The “Studio In A Box” VidKit (Valued At $1,200)

✅ Unlimited Consulting

✅ Accountability Partner

✅ One-on-one strategy and growth sessions

Starting at $5,000 Annually

At-Home Video Creation Done With You

Take your video meetings, webinars, vlogging, interviews, online courses, sales pages, and how-to videos to a new professional level

We’re a creative, entrepreneurial bunch that loves to learn and share our knowledge with the world. Even if you’re camera show (for now), we’ll help you confidently create video content that stands out. 

When you join the vidwheel Creator Network, you’ll receive:

You know you need video to support your business, but . . . 

  • Where do you start?
  • What gear do you need?
  • Do you have a plan or strategy to actually use video to grow your business?

Even if you do, are you prepared to get in front of the camera?

The vidwheel Creator Network was created just for you! 

Our unique online community, we’ll walk you through how to:

    • Set up your video equipment (we send you everything you need)
    • Quickly and easily create stunning videos that get attention (the video production ‘easy button’)
    • Create a plan that will get you results (great things happen when one comes together)
    • Connect with video experts to get all of your questions answered (unlimited support!)

No More Guessing Your Way Through Videos

…one low monthly subscription gets you access to everything.

Navigating how to produce irresistible videos that people want to watch can be challenging – especially for entrepreneurs. 

From figuring out what equipment to buy, to how to place the camera, to where to get quality video editing… it’s A LOT to learn on your own.

That’s why, when you join the vidwheel Creator Network, we send you an entire Studio-In-A-Box. That way, you can get set up quickly, ready for showtime, and fully prepared to release consistently amazing video content all the time.

Plus, you get an entire online community for support, including small group access to video editors, course creators, copywriters, graphic designers – you name it!

vidwheel Creator Network Desktop Kit

Let’s Make It High-Quality

The VidKit. The retail value of this home studio kit is over $1,100 and we will send you one as part of your membership to the vidwheel Creator Network. This kit has everything you need to allow you to stream and record high-quality video content from your home or office. The kit is the key to your Creator Network success and it includes:


It Takes a Village

The Community. Built through technologies that you already use – Zoom , email and a closed social media network – we have created a network of aspiring and established video creators that will provide you with an open forum to ask questions, show off work and provide feedback to the rest of the Creator Network.

Check out our example Creator Network Zoom meeting.


vidwheel Creator Network Forum
included consulting services get you the answers you need

Expert Advice On Whatever You Need

The Guide. We will provide whatever support you need to create and execute your video vision (sales, marketing, training, or just the best video feed on your next Zoom meeting) through unlimited consulting sessions. You have access to our team and our network of experts to ensure that we have the answers to your pressing video questions.


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