How to Write a Simple Video Script

You’ve booked a studio session with a local video production or video marketing agency. You know why you need to have video content for your business, so it’s about time you actually make some videos. Only thing you need to do now is figure out what to say. Here’s the only problem – you’re not a copywriter and aren’t too sure what to say. Fear not, because we’ve created a guide for you on how to create a simple video script (we also have a blog on video topics if you need help with that too). In no time, you’ll be posting high quality video content like a pro.


Before getting into the meat and potatoes of things (or tofu and cauliflower if you’re vegetarian), there are a few important things you’ll want to identify. This will make it easier for you to formulate a script. Here are some things to keep in mind:

  • What is the purpose of the video? – Are you planning on educating people, creating general brand awareness or trying to sell a product?
  • Who is your target demographic? – Figure out the type of person you’re speaking to. Are you addressing business owners, sales people, or someone in the restaurant industry? By knowing this, you’ll be able to craft a more effective message.
  • What action do you want people to take? – Often referred as the “call to action,” but think about what you want viewers to do after they watch your video. Are they going to head to your website, provide an email address or make a purchase?

By keeping these three points in mind when working on your script, you’ll be able to speak directly to your target audience and be more effective with your marketing efforts. The way you phrase a topic for business owners is going to be different from that directed towards regular consumers.


Script Template

For this particular example, we’re going to be focusing on a video that will be roughly 60 to 90 seconds in length. Ideally, you’ll want to keep messaging like this short and sweet. People’s attention spans aren’t super great, and you’ll want to keep your target audience interested the entire way through. Just like a written document, you’ll want to break this up into an introduction, body and conclusion.


No need to get really crazy here. You’ll want to tell the audience who you are, what your job/role is and say what it is you’re going to talk about. Provide a little bit of foreshadowing to people stay engaged. Here’s an example:

Hi, my name is David Seifert. I’m a Video Production Specialist with Nickel City Graphics, and today I’m going to provide you with information on how to write a simple video script. This can be the difference between you having an awesome video and one that doesn’t perform well.

You can take that example, take out my information and throw in what you’d like to say. With this, you are quite literally telling people what the video is going to be about. Here’s a skeleton of what that can look like:

Hi, my name is ____________________. I’m the/a ________________________ with _____________________. Today, we’re doing to discuss ____________________________. [Summary/Foreshadowing] ____________________________________________________________________________.



Now we’re getting into the actual bulk of your content. As long as you were able to hook someone’s attention, this is the portion of the video where you’ll actually be providing information.

Thinking about who your target demographic is and what you’d like them to do at the end of your video, craft the body section of your video. This will be different based on the industry you’re in and the audience you’re looking to address.

If you’re basing this video script off of a blog post, a lot of this work is already done for you. You can use heading/sections of the blog post to guide your script. If this script isn’t based off of existing content, then don’t worry.

Figure out two or three main points you’d like to touch upon, based on the topic you chose. You don’t need to go super in depth with this, especially if it is going to be supported with other forms of content.

Keep the body of your video conversational in tone, making sure not to be heavy-handed with your explanations. Video works well when you take [often times] complex ideas and boil them down into simple explanations.


Look at that, you made it to the end! You can just end the video by cutting to black, but we’d advise you against that.

You’re going to want to summarize the main points your video made and direct viewers towards some form of a call to action. How you address this will depend on what the actual content of your video was about.

For example, keeping with my script writing video idea, my ending call to action may be something to the effect of “check out our website for more information” or “download our free PDF on script writing.”

It’s important to note, however, that you don’t want this ending to appear as “salesy” or pushy. Otherwise, you’ll lose the credibility you just spent time fostering with your target audience. Even with the best video and content out there, not everyone is going to do what you ask of them. If that was the case, then marketing would be a lot easier than it is.



And there you have it. A simple guide to uploaded and optimizing native video content on LinkedIn. I hope you found this information helpful. 

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