You can Leverage the power of video in your business…

(Even if you’ve never done it before and you don’t know where to start!)

You’ve grown your business on pure will and gumption.

When you hit a snag, you teach yourself how to fix it.

You believe there’s no problem that can’t be overcome with creativity and determination.


We know because we’re the same way.

And we’re here to be your soup to nuts one-stop resource for all things video!


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Join us on Zoom twice a month to learn from the experts on topics such as:

  • Video Podcasts: The Everlasting Gobstopper Of Content
  • What Should I Talk About? How To Find Topics That Resonate
  • Get Consulting And Coaching Clients on TikTok
  • Hack Your Brand With Strategic Storytelling In Your Videos
  • And so much more

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A La Carte Courses

Fill in gaps in your video production knowledge with our many short courses, designed to give you precise and easy instructions for individual aspects of video marketing.

Here’s just a few:

🎥 Video Confidence: Master Your Setup

🎥 Ideal Market Exercise

🎥 Ideal Message Exercise

🎥 Instant Talking Head Videos

🎥 Create An Introduction Video

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 Support, guidance, & community:

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with vidwheel’s Videos



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of Video and Business Experience

“You can see just the cohesion that’s starting to form and the relationships and the confidence that people are getting from being engaged with the group.”

“It never fails when I get in front of the camera to run a webinar somebody inevitably brings up a comment about how amazing my set up looks. The kit is a kit. It’s very much open it up and you’re ready to go.”

“Neil empowered me to do so many things with my podcast… You can purchase this awesome kit from him that’s everything you need. Or he can enhance the stuff that you’re already using.”

“These videos are really helping me get in front of people in a very different way. Pre-pandemic people kept telling me to use more video and I had kind of been blowing it off. “

“One of the barriers of entry for me was not just the equipment and putting it all together but not knowing what was good information and what wasn’t good infromation”

Neil K Carroll Headshot

About Me

I really HATED being on camera. I didn’t think I had anything interesting to say and I was certain that if I stepped in front of the camera, I would screw it up.

And that’s why I spent most of my video career BEHIND the camera.

Through my 20 years of video experience, I have had no problem putting other people on camera and telling them how to look their best.

But, I refused to get on camera myself. The prospect was just too scary.

And then something changed.

Maybe I just finally decided to do what was best for my business.

But, in January of 2017, I left my comfort zone.

And boy am I glad I did it. From there it got easier. Being in front of the camera is now second nature.

And now I help my clients do the same.


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