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Video: The Web’s Most Shareable Medium

Aug 7, 2018

From billboards to social media, restaurant menus, and everywhere in between, video is by far the most shareable medium. Do you know why? 


#1 – Video shares nonverbal communication

A lot of what we say is in the things we don’t say. The way we look at people, the way we hold ourselves, the way we gesture–all of that can completely change the way a phrase is perceived. This nonverbal communication is what continues to strengthen the use of video because, no matter how many emojis you use, this non-verbal communication simply can’t be shared through any other medium.


#2 – Video engages the audience

When visuals and sound are combined with video to make for a truly immersive experience– it is by far the most engaging medium online (or off), save for being face-to-face with the action. Consumers prefer video so much over text and images that they are 27 times more likely to click a video ad than they would be a standard banner ad. Follow that up with a gripping call-to-action, and you have yourself a winning marketing strategy.

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#3 – Video combines multiple mediums

With a video, you can combine auditory and visual mediums to form one piece of content. It might consist of an article, a podcast, and text, images, and infographics to engage and inform your viewers. In this way, video outdoes the ability of any other medium, and it aids in the understanding of viewers.


#4 – Video gets more shares

A person is naturally more inclined to click on a video, and they are also more willing to share one. A video is relatable, quick, and concise when it comes to getting the point across. All of that makes a video very share-worthy. On social networks, videos generate 1200% more shares than images and text combined.


#5 – Video presents easily viewed, rich content

Reading something always takes a lot longer than watching something. Couple that with the fact that reading is less engaging and requires more effort and, all in all, video comes out on top. The audio combined with visual aesthetics makes video a lot more enjoyable to watch and much more informative to view.


#6 – Video incites action in viewers

When compared to any other medium, video always wins as the most compelling medium. Not only does video implement a more authentic interaction with your videos, but viewers are also more open to what you’re saying because of that. A call-to-action is almost always going to follow a great video, and a CTA in a video will produce 380% more clicks than a sidebar CTA on the average website.


#7 – Video enables convenient and accessible production

It’s easier to press the record button on your smartphone and begin to speak about a topic than it is to sit down and write a video about the same. Now, with modern technology, simple video production is more accessible than it has ever been. The average person can film, edit, and publish their video entirely for free, without acquiring any specialized equipment or software outside of what they use every day.

While videos required planning, many have found that it is not essential to their success. Unscripted vlogs are an excellent example of that.




#8 – Video ranks the best in search engines

There are far fewer videos than there are text and images. That means your videos have a far higher chance of reaching an audience who is searching for a relevant keyword. A video is about 45 times more likely to get ranked on the first page of Google than a text-based result is. Videos have far less competition.

What you can express in one video could take five pages of web content to articulate. That makes them very content dense, or “rich,” as you’ll hear SEO gurus say.


#9 – Video makes for better social communication

Video is by far the most significant innovation in the realm of social interaction. You are no longer limited to just hearing what someone has to say over the phone or through a podcast or seeing it told in text form. Now you can get back that face-to-face communication that the internet lacked for so long.


#10 – Video has the widest audience

The reason why there are so many famous YouTubers is that there are so many devoted YouTuber users. To put it simply, video is the absolute best way to get your content to consumers in today’s world. It accounts for about half of the globe’s mobile traffic each year (a more significant share than any other medium) and its influence is growing.

If you haven’t hopped onto the video train yet and begun to use it to power your SEO and marketing strategies, it’s about time you did. The use of video is only going up and now is a great time to get in and get ahead of your competitors, before they catch on to it too.


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Neil K Carroll

Neil K Carroll


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