How to Effectively Use Employee Bio Videos

Successful companies today have one thing in common: they’re human. With so many things being rushed and automated these days, it’s easy for a business to lose sight of the “human touch” and forget to really make a connection with their customers. However, failing to do so will cost your brand big in the long run.

As more businesses realize this, many are beginning to open up. The previously unseen, behind-the-scenes areas of their business are shared with the public. Doing so not only gives customers a glimpse into all the hard work that goes into your products and services. It also adds back that human touch and helps form better connections and stronger relationships with your customers.

Employee bio videos are just one of the many things you can share as a business to help do just that.


Why Video?

It’s common to write a biography for your team members on your website. You can add a name, a profile picture, and maybe even some links to their social media channels. That does something, but most people will never take the time to read it. Written content is everywhere on the internet. Overwhelmed website visitors are too busy or distracted to take the time to read these bios. At best, you might get a few people who skim your employees’ impressive descriptions.

Google also realizes this. Which is why you’re going to have a hard time ranking such written content in search engines successfully. So, how do you get people to meet your team if no one is going to take time to read it? The short answer: put it into video form.

Video is the most engaging type of content on the web today, and that’s not set to change anytime soon. People would much rather watch a video than read an article. That’s good news for you. Producing quality videos takes time, but as a brand, you can fit it better to the image you are trying to portray. Filming style, music, colors–all of those aspects can be customized to change the tone you are trying to get across to your customers.

It’s easy for someone’s internal voice to change the way something was intended to be said. A bio video of your employee may have meant to be witty, for example, could come across as short and even rude. Other negatives come along with written content. It’s harder to brand; it’s harder to set the right tone, it’s harder to make sure someone is going to get your entire point (easily missed when hastily skimming a written piece).

For all of these reasons, video is the best type of content for your business to use. Especially when it comes to introducing your employees.


The Benefits of Video

If you are wondering what other benefits video has overwritten introductions, have a look at this short list:

  • Showcase the personality of each employee. With bio videos, each of your employees can come up with a few short lines to introduce themselves in their voice and in their way. That’s a fantastic way for your business to share the personality of your workers and give a taste of your overall culture and community feel.
  • Build stronger customer relationships. Putting up a name and a profile picture can add a bit of credibility to a written bio, but a video is what proves it. You’ve heard the saying “seeing is believing” plenty of times before, and it could not be more accurate with video.
  • Say (and show) more in less time. You can always get more across in a short video than you can in a written piece. Viewers will also process the information better if they are hearing and seeing it than if they are reading about it.


Using Bio Videos Effectively

The next step is figuring out how to use bio videos effectively. One aspect worth considering is to figure out the most optimal length of each employee bio video. You don’t want bio videos to drag on for too long. Like many types of video, 60 seconds is probably a good maximum runtime (less is better). Next, you will want to be sure that each bio video produced in a consistent and fun way. Remember, this content should be branded, which means the tone, style, and general look and feel should match that of your brand image.

nce your videos have been produced, you need to get them out there and in front of your audience by sharing them on social media. Remember, video is one of the most shareable forms of content and is multiple times more likely to be viewed and shared on social media than any other form of content posted. So, leverage it!

We recommend uploading and optimizing your bio videos to YouTube and then embedding them on your website and relevant pages. When you send out email newsletters, you can feature a relevant bio video. An email with a video is more likely to be engaged with than an email without a video.

In most cases, bio videos are quite evergreen, which means you won’t need to be updating or remaking them often–if ever. This makes it an excellent time investment for your company as it can be used over and over again in many different ways to build your reputation with your customers and even put new job candidates at ease by introducing them to who they’ll be working with.

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