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Don’t Tell People How to Use Your App, Show Them (With Video)

How do you show the world your app? You can tell people about it. Try to describe how it works and what it can be used to accomplish. Pictures and screenshots are even better. But, like many products, it is better if you can show someone how it works. Use video to help a prospective client to experience it. The closest you can come to this without someone installing your app is a video demonstration.
Does that sound good? Show prospective clients your app in a video. Here are three things to consider when showing off your app via video.  

Differentiate Your App

There are a lot of apps out there. And a lot of them do similar things. If you want your app to stand out from the crowd, you have to tell and show potential users, how your app is different. What features can you highlight in a video that will set your app apart. Is it easier to use? Does it provide some special functionality? Educate your prospects and customers on what makes your app different and why that differentiation is important to them, specifically. In short, what are the benefits? For instance, some people care most about functionality. How does this differentiation improve how quickly they can access info or execute a task? Others care more about design and aesthetics. How does having full-width images or a slicker menu improve their experience? Above all else, goal number one is to be sure that your prospects can draw discernable and important differences between you and your competitors.

Show Your App in Action With Screen Capture Video

Now that you know what you want to show potential clients, how can you make it happen? With an abundance of inexpensive and free screen capture software, you can show potential clients how your app works with a video. It is the easiest way to show off your differentiation. How easy it is to use. How much better it is than the competition. How well-designed it is. It is well-designed, right?

Put It All Together

Screen captured video of your app in action can be powerful content as part of your marketing plan. You can take it a step further. Couple screen captured sequences with live action sequences to create entertaining and informative videos that show off app functionality and its real-world application. These types of videos are engaging and get across the differentiation point mentioned earlier. Here is an example from our own portfolio. The video below is an overview demonstration video we created for ACV Auctions. A wholesale car auction business that hosts their auctions in an app and desktop software platform.

Are You a Tech Company Interested in Integrating Video Into Your Marketing?

vidwheel has a guide for you. Written with the questions and needs of tech companies specifically in mind, The Tech Company’s Video Marketing Playbook delves into the different video types, and how they can be used most effectively. Sound like something you’re looking for? Check out the Playbook today.

Unlocking Your Ability to Create Powerful, Professional Video Content

If you had to create an engaging, professional video for your business today, could you pull it off? If you’re like many consultants and other business professionals, you’d probably feel completely overwhelmed. Even finding a starting point might seem impossible. And that’s frustrating, because you know if you want to grow your business, video is an essential part of your marketing, sales, and communications strategies.

What you don’t know, though, is how to easily create videos that:
❓ Strengthen your brand
❓ Establish your authority, and
❓ Make people want to do business with you.

That’s the problem we help solve. We have created the vidwheel Creator Network,  a community where entrepreneurs and consultants representing all industries can come together to master the simple steps to stabilize and grow your business through video. From strategy to audio and lighting, staging, preparation, to feeling 100% natural in front of the camera, here’s where you can learn it all. I created the vidwheel Creator Network as a supportive, energizing place to learn, share feedback, and grow alongside a community of professionals a lot like you!

Our affordable membership package even includes a done-for-you equipment kit. A video studio-in-a-box for your home or office. We’ve curated these kits for simplicity, versatility, and video creation power. No guesswork. No bins full of equipment you bought but didn’t need.

It’s the trifecta of video mastery:
✅ Right training
✅ Right equipment
✅ Right community

That’s the kind of ease I wish I had when I started my own small business.

If this sounds like what you’ve been looking for, please take a moment to check out the vidwheel Creator Network.