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The Best Ways to Promote Your Video Content

Once you have gotten past the challenges of creating compelling video content, it’s time to get it out there in front of your target market. It is time to promote your video content. If you are at a loss for how to approach promotion and distribution aspects of video marketing, here are some tips you can follow:

#1 Include a Smiling Thumbnail

We all judge books by their covers, just like we judge videos by their thumbnails. Your thumbnail needs to entice scrollers to click your video and watch it, and a person smiling on the thumbnail making eye contact with the camera is the best way to do that. The reason is very simple: People relate to other people.  

#2 Run An Inbound Campaign

Nothing in life is free, and that’s especially true when it comes to getting engagement for your new video. Ironically, however, one of the best ways to spread the word about your new video on Twitter, Facebook or YouTube is by giving something away for free to your viewers. A white paper, ebook or industry appropriate prize. This is the basis of an inbound marketing campaign. Here is the 100-word definition of an inbound marketing campaign a la Hubspot.

Inbound marketing campaigns are concentrated efforts that align all of your marketing channels around a single message and goal.

It starts with a marketing offer — something valuable and relevant for your audience that you promote through your marketing channels.

Then, you nurture the leads from that offer and move them along your marketing funnel so they can become your customers. And don’t forget to measure and analyze your campaign.

And that’s how you run an inbound marketing campaign! Get started with this quick-and-dirty campaigns checklist or a deep dive on how to run inbound marketing campaigns.

Video can be used to promote your offer, it can be embedded on your landing page and/or it can be the content piece you are giving away. Inbound marketing campaigns are great for spreading the word about your brand, gathering potential leads and growing your email list.  

#3 Add Share Buttons

You know the power of sharing something on social media. Many people in the world start and end their days on social media platforms, which is why you need to make your video content super easy to share on these platforms. Your share buttons should always be accessible and visible. And, to make sure people see them (and click them), it’s as simple as asking people to share. This may seem obvious, or perhaps even “too forward” in your opinion, but it’s the best way to go about getting shares on your content. Tweet and ask for a share, post on Facebook and ask for a share, and of course, ask for people to share at the end of the video itself. Every time you post your video somewhere, include the line: Share it if you found this helpful.  

#4 Include Video In Emails

If you include the word “video” in the subject of an email, your open rate will improve by around 19% while your unsubscribe rate will reduce by 26% and your click-through rate will increase by 65%. If you include a video thumbnail inside the email, you’ll also boost the engagement rates compared to the use of a plain image. It’s easy and free to utilize videos as part of your ongoing email marketing efforts, and it’s also a great way to send extra data to your salesforce. For instance, if a subscriber ends up clicking through to your website and viewing a lot of product demos, it’s worth sending them into the sales funnel where your representatives can reach out to them.  

#5 Put Some Money Into It

Again, nothing in life is free. You’re either going to spend money or time (time = money) on promoting every video you publish if you expect to get results, which is why sometimes it’s better just to bite the bullet and spend some money directly into the promotion of your next video rather than trying to promote it for “free” on your own time. This will depend on the objective of the video and your budget, but it’s a strategy to remember for future publications. Google Adwords video campaigns are easy to set up and will give your video the boost it needs to be seen by your target market. Our Guaranteed Views service is based in this Adwords video campaigns and it is a great way to get the word out.

Ready to take the next step?

Planning a video campaign? Download the Video Marketing Strategy Blueprint (PDF) or The Tech Company’s Video Marketing Playbook. It is an actionable document to help plan and implement your video marketing campaign.

Unlocking Your Ability to Create Powerful, Professional Video Content

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