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Why Video Outranks Everything

Jun 15, 2018

By now you’ve probably heard industry experts or other marketing professionals talking about how important video is for content marketing. If you haven’t jumped on the video hype train yet, you might want to at least consider it. But…why should you consider adding video into your content marketing plan? Because video outranks everything.


Love it or hate it, video marketing has made its place in the marketing world, and the role of video is only going to grow in coming years. In fact, 53% of consumers would like to see more video content in the future. For up-and-coming young adults between the ages of 18 and 24, this number is 65%. These numbers mean video marketing outranks blog posts, photos, infographics, long-form articles, and even downloadable guides like this one. (And yes, we use videos in our marketing too.)

These numbers shouldn’t come as a surprise. If you think about it, a majority of people are carrying around tiny supercomputers in their pockets that gives them instant access to a plethora of data and content at any given moment.  On average, someone is four times more likely to watch a video on a product instead of reading a blog post on it.


What Do You Mean By Everything?

So what exactly mean when we saw “video outranks everything”? That’s a great question, and most likely the reason you’re here. Essentially we are talking about how video should play a vital role in your content marketing strategy (if it isn’t already). We’re not saying to jump ship on everything else you’re doing.  Video should work seamlessly with the rest of your blogs and various social posts.

Here are some fun facts to help prove the point we’re trying to make:

  1. By 2019 Video will represent over 80% of all Internet traffic says a new study from Cisco, and for the US it will be over 85%.
  2. YouTube reports mobile video consumption rises 100% every year.
  3. 96% of B2B organizations use video in some capacity in their marketing campaigns of which 73% report positive results to their ROI, according to a survey conducted by ReelSEO.
  4. 50% of executives look for more information after seeing a product/service in a video, according to Forbes.
  5. If you want to check out a few more of these points, feel free to visit this post.



The importance of video doesn’t seem to be going anywhere anytime soon. In fact, it’s probably going to increase over the next few years. With recent trends like 360 and VR video, the sky’s the limit. Just make sure that you start using video in your content marketing plan as soon as possible to help deliver better results.

Ready to take the next step?

Planning a video campaign? Download the Video Marketing Strategy Blueprint (PDF) or The Tech Company’s Video Marketing Playbook. It is an actionable document to help plan and implement your video marketing campaign.