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The 7 Benefits of Executing a Video Marketing Strategy

Apr 2, 2018

In recent years, the popularity of video marketing has exploded, and there are countless reasons why. If you are still on the fence about incorporating a proper video marketing strategy for your business, this article will help convince you. Here’s a review of the top seven benefits of having an effective video marketing strategy.

#1 Reach A Wider Audience

If you are only focusing on one type of content, you are missing out on a huge segment of the internet–especially if that one type of content isn’t video. Publishing video content opens the doors to the enormous amount of people who surf Vimeo, Dailymotion, YouTube, and similar platforms each day. It’s also one of the most cost-effective methods of getting the word out about your business.

Video is one of the most shareable forms of content. It’s also able to be embedded into other websites. That’s something you can’t say about any type of written content or even photos. Those mediums require linking, citing, and quoting in order to be properly shared on another website. When it comes to how often people are sharing video, studies have found that people share video content around 1200% more often than they share text posts and links.

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#2 Bring Customer Stories to Life

Reading a short customer testimonial is one thing. Watching one has a much greater effect on trustworthiness. A customer is about 12 times more likely to trust a customer testimonial than they are to trust a statement made by a business themselves. While having written testimonials is much better than having no testimonials. Video testimonials are seen to generate the highest amount of trustworthiness.

One reason is that it’s pretty easy for a business to write up a testimonial themselves and attribute it to a customer. It’s harder to fake a video testimonial. Seeing an actual person speaking about their experience helps ease a person’s suspicion about the chance of a business using a stock photo and labeling them as a customer. Video is also much more personal as your customers are able to express their experience in a genuine way by using tone and inflection.

#3 It Emphasizes Personality

Speaking of videos’ ability to express emotion better, you should take full advantage of this aspect to build trust and help connect better with your viewers. By injecting some personality into your video content, you can help bring out the emotion of your viewers. This is something very powerful. Especially when compared to written copy that can be read in a variety of voices depending on your viewers perception of your content.

Your visitors are human, and they want to be able to trust your business and like your content. A well executed video marketing strategy makes that easier. Take the right approach of being interesting, educational, and entertaining all at once. Don’t make it dry or sterile–that’s the worst thing you can do for your brand.

#4 It’s More Memorable

Another reason why you should be using video content as part of your marketing strategy? It’s simply more memorable than a piece of text or even a picture. You probably can’t remember the last text ad that was presented to you, but there’s probably a video ad that stands out in your memory if you take a few minutes to think.

With the internet space becoming more and more competitive, with more brands focusing on digital marketing above anything else, users are becoming very “blind” to typical text and banner ads. They’re starting to subconsciously ignore them all together. Video ads remain as the one form that can still really captivate their attention, especially when placed before a video that they have the intent of watching. They’re already in a mindset that is prepared to consume video, and then your ad is shown to them. That is why it’s so memorable and effective: your audience is ready, and the ad type is tailored to their intent.



#5 It boosts your SEO

When analyzing the top 100 search results in Google’s search engine, video appears in about 70% of the searches. This is why having video content helps boost your SEO by huge amounts and gives you a special competitive advantage that many businesses are simply missing out on. Free traffic and streams of visitors are the reward you’ll get from search engines like Google just from incorporating video onto your website.

And, it makes sense. There’s probably already an overload of PDFs, site, and articles based around the exact topic you’re target. Way more than there are videos, and that’s why Google gives you a boost. You get the first-mover type advantage when you use a video marketing strategy to deliver your message to a niche compared to other forms of content. You face fierce competition when trying to rank an article on “5 Ways to Boost Your eCommerce Store”. There’s a significant drop in competition when trying to rank a video for the same. This example is reflective of just about every niche out there.

If your website content contains video, it’s about 3x more likely to attract inbound links compared to a plain-text post. Backlinks are considered a great SEO signal in the eyes of Google. This is great news when it comes to ranking your content. If you put in the time to create video content to accompany your other forms of content, expect to be rewarded.

#6 Increased Satisfaction

One of the primary reasons for lowered customer satisfaction and higher return rates is that your viewers didn’t get the full picture of what they should expect when they ordered your product. They also might not realize all the ways they can use your product to the fullest extent, or how exactly it works.

By using video to showcase all the important aspects of your product, and by providing video walkthroughs and tips to help them get the most out of it, you’ll help increase your customers’ satisfaction (they know what to expect) and lessen your return rate (they know what to expect before they even buy). Very few people will read all the written content available on your product before purchasing. Creating a streamlined and attractive video marketing strategy is a better approach.

#7 Build A Connection

Internet users have busy schedules, thousands of distractions in front of them, and very short attention spans. Video helps you combat all of those challenges by reducing the friction (the effort users must put in to engage with your content) and increasing the entertainment value of what you are presenting to them. Reading an article takes effort. Watching a video, not so much.

Video content makes it effortless for users to view and interact with your content. This will help them stay around longer and build a real connection with your product.

The Video Strategy Blueprint v2.0 - Free Guide Graphic
If you would like a hand planning your video marketing campaign, download The Video Marketing Strategy Blueprint (PDF). It is a quick, actionable guide to help plan and execute your video marketing strategy.
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