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The Top 3 Video Marketing Trends

Mar 19, 2018

The past few years have seen a lot of marketing trends come and go. With the ongoing technological advancements, there is no doubt that video marketers in 2018 will be seeing lots of new approaches that are here to stay. Beyond higher resolutions, marketers need to prepare for new types of filming and new standards. As they will begin governing the success of video content you publish on the web. Now that we are already a few months into the new year, it’s important that you start looking into these trends and adapting to them.
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With each new year, and new quarter, it’s important that your business stays on top of the changing marketplace and the new tools available that can help you deliver your content in a more effective, more viral-friendly way. Here’s a look at some of the trends you need to catch onto if you haven’t already.

#1 Go Live

Live video is definitely one of the marketing trends from yesteryear that won’t be going anywhere anytime soon. In fact, its influence is only growing. With faster internet speeds and the growing desire for people to be connected in the moment, live video has really begun taking off this year. Most people will stick around to watch a live video for 3x longer than they would a video that’s already been pre-recorded. That’s because live video gives a sense of being the first to view it, and the chance of “missing out” if they click away.

Pre-recorded videos, on the other hand, can be tuned into anytime and they don’t have the same effect that live recordings do. If there is an appropriate way to incorporate live video into your video marketing strategies, you should definitely be utilizing it. Think interviews, behind-the-scenes sneak peaks, and Q&A sessions.

#2 Go 360

Single camera angle videos were overtaken by multi-angle videos long ago. Now they’re being taken over by 360-degree videos that allow people to turn around and see the entire room at once. The power of 360-degree videos is being utilized in varying ways, from 360-views of live conferences to round table discussions and more. YouTube and most other video viewing platforms support 360-degree videos. Publishing one in this currently low-competition space means a higher ranking.

The cost of equipment to produce 360-degree videos has also decreased with time too. So, you can likely find room in your budget to pick up a camera.

Many businesses were already utilizing 360-degree videos by the end of 2017. That number is only growing this year. Don’t get left behind.



#3 Square Videos

Square video may seem like an odd marketing trend, with 4k video becoming the resolution norm and a push for video quality and production value. But, thanks to Instagram and other social media platforms, square-shaped videos tailored for mobile viewing on these sites has really taken off. Considering that more than 80% of people are now consuming video through mobile devices on various social media apps. If you aren’t creating content made just for these platforms, you are missing out on a huge chance to engage this segment of your audience.

Mobile phones are now encouraging the once-despised vertical filming, but be certain that you mix it up. Have some content directed at mobile phones and others directed at full-screen viewing for high-resolution computer screens and smart TV apps. Considering the likelihood of where most people will be consuming a particular video is important to creating a solid video creation strategy. You can’t just default to horizontal video anymore. Keep the end viewers in mind each time you are deciding on the format and style of each of your videos.

Square videos occupy about 78% more space in Facebook newsfeeds that horizontal videos and they also get more engagement. With that in mind, it is likely feasible to film more popular topics in multiple styles. Publish the various formats to different social media platforms to best optimize for each audience your content is going to encounter. It will take extra work, but it will prove worth it.

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Thinking outside the box is really the best approach you can take in 2018 when it comes to video marketing trends. Adapting to these new marketing trends may mean extra effort. It might even mean a couple new investments on your part, but that’s just what it takes to remain competitive in the ever-changing world of business and digital marketing.

Consider that, while YouTube remains the most popular video network on the web, Facebook Live and Facebook video are growing in popularity and they deserve your attention to if you aren’t already involved on there. You also need to be looking at the upcoming video trends and getting “ahead of the curve” if you want to keep making use of the first-mover advantage in the world of video marketing.

For instance, the first businesses who jumped into last year’s surging trend of live video definitely reaped the rewards. Keeping your eye on the marketplace this year. You can put you in a similar position and help you gain a greater following as we power through 2018 and beyond. Along this same note, as a final tip, it would be worth looking into the concept of projection mapping (here is a sample of a projection mapping project we created the animation for on a few years ago) if you want to sharpen your video strategy edge.

If you would like help planning out your new, refined, video strategy download our Video Marketing Strategy Blueprint (PDF).

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