vidwheel Creator Network (vCN)


Our program helps you leverage video to grow a flexible and profitable business.

In the vidwheel Creator Network (vCN), we’ll guide you from being overwhelmed by video content to becoming a confident video marketer, salesperson, and communicator.

Your Video Marketing Desires

As a solopreneur, you want to harness the power of video to expand your reach, connect with extraordinary clients, and grow a flexible, profitable business.

You know that video is key to thriving in today’s digital landscape . . . but you might be grappling with the “complexities” of video.

The Hurdles of Video

I know that video can feel like it takes a lot of time and time and has a steep learning curve.

You have probably been asking yourself these questions:

  • What gear should I use?
  • How do I gain more confidence on camera?
  • How can I simply integrate video into my business operations (marketing, sales, and communications)?

This is why I created the vidwheel Creator Network!

It’s time to leverage video that helps you grow a profitable and flexible business.

Imagine yourself at the peak of this curve, creating videos with ease. You’re now connecting with clients beyond geographical boundaries, and watching your business grow and prosper – all while adding flexibility to your work schedule.

This is what the vCN can help you achieve.

What’s Holding You Back from Leveraging Videos to Grow Your Business?

You may be thinking:

  • “I’ve tried video before, and it didn’t work.”
  • “I don’t have time to add one more thing to my plate.”
  • “I lack the technical skills to create videos that convert to clients.”


Great news. You are not alone!

These are the EXACT obstacles we tackle together in the vidwheel Creator Network (vCN).

"Neil empowered me to do so many things with my podcast... You can purchase this awesome kit from him that's everything you need. Or he can enhance the stuff that you're already using."

Success Stories from vCNers

"Videos are really helping me get in front of people in a very different way. Pre-pandemic people kept telling me to use more video, and I had kind of been blowing it off. "

"One of the barriers of entry for me was not just the equipment and putting it all together but not knowing what was good information and what wasn't good information"

Your Transformation

In the vCN, we’ll guide you from being overwhelmed by video content to becoming a confident video marketer, salesperson, and communicator.

Actionable Takeaways

In the vidwheel Creator Network (vCN), you will…

  1. Learn how to choose and set up the right video gear for your needs.
  2. Develop on-camera confidence that calls in your ideal clients.
  3. Plan and execute effective video campaigns that expand your reach.
  4. Connect with extraordinary clients, cultivating a more flexible and profitable business.


How We Help You Leverage Video

We’ve developed a three-step process that helps you get the results you’ve been wanting:

  1. Equip: We take the confusion out of gear and get you set up with the right equipment for success.
  2. Empower: We teach you how to be confident and articulate on camera and deliver your message with ease.
  3. Expand: We help you develop and execute video campaigns that broaden your reach and attract your ideal clients


Is this program a great fit for you?

This vCN is perfect for you if…

  1. You are an established solopreneur, particularly a consultant, coach, or trainer.
  2. You’re ready to embrace new strategies and leverage the power of video to grow a flexible and profitable business.
  3. Your goal is to grow your business by attracting more extraordinary clients – while working less.

Join us in the vidwheel Creator Network (vCN)!
It’s time to learn how to leaverge vide to grow a flexible and profitable business.

The vCN Program is customized to your needs. 

You have two options for support. Which is best for you? 

Why I believe in the power of the vidwheel Creator Network (vCN).


Hey, I’m Neil–and I have walked in your shoes. I started as a small-town video guy working long hours with local clients. Then the pandemic hit, turning my world upside down. Instead of succumbing to the chaos, I embraced the virtual world, transitioning from production to consulting and teaching.

This transformation propelled my business beyond borders, attracting what I now call “extraordinary clients.” From Japan to Dubai, Miami to DC, San Francisco, and beyond, my network expanded. In 2022, I celebrated my most profitable year since founding my business in 2008. All this while achieving a work-life balance I’d never imagined possible. I am working less hours and spending more time with my family. I walk my kids to and from school daily, pick up the slack when they are off, coach my son’s soccer team and handle whatever else life throws at me – all without missing a beat in my business.

This journey of unexpected success has fueled my passion to guide solopreneurs like you to achieve the same results using video that connects and converts.

A vast world full of extraordinary clients is out there, waiting for your expertise. Imagine what meeting them could do for your business!

Ready to take the next step?

You can enroll now or set up a call with me to ensure the vCN is right for you.

Meet Your Guide

Neil K Carroll

Neil K Carroll


I was your average small-town video guy, but when the pandemic hit, everything changed.

I ran a traditional video production agency with exclusively local clientele, a downtown studio, and a busy schedule. My days were long, travel frequent, and life as I knew it revolved around producing video content for my clients.

Then everything changed. Schools and daycares closed, my professional life was disrupted, and I found myself navigating a new path. It was one of uncertainty, with no end in sight and no destination obvious, but it demanded flexibility and resilience.