Improve Your Campaign #9 – Better Video Tags

Better YouTube Tags

A great video has to be seen to relevant, and well written titles, descriptions and YouTube tags can help that happen – free. We have seen a 30% uptick in our own organic views by implementing a few best practices into our video marketing campaigns.

Today let’s talk about tags.

YouTube tags are keywords that relate to your video. It is important to make them relevant and it is important for them to be abundant. To this end, we will often pull words and phrases right out of our video content to create tags. YouTube suggests at least ten tags, but they give you 500 characters to use. So, use them. Fill that 500 characters with the most relevant and specific tags that you can come up with, relating to your video.

If you would like some help picking or vetting YouTube tags. Try TubeBuddy – it suggests tags based on relevance and shows your YouTube tags search ranking. They have a free version of their software and we recommend it. Here is a link.

What can better tags do for your video?

Smarter Business Through Video.

vidwheel LLC is focused on unlocking your ability to create powerful, professional video.

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Video can do that. And we can help.

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