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Improve Your Campaign #2 – Target Your Market

Feb 18, 2016

Target Your Market

Are you wondering whether your videos are reaching the right audience? Target your market with placements through Google Video AdWords or Facebook and make sure your video marketing hits its mark.

Google has a great knowledge base and certifications if you would like to dig deeper, but here are a few quick tips to get started.

#1: Interest targeting is an easy first step. What is your target market into? Be sure that your videos are seen by the r people by using Google’s interest-based audiences.

#2: Keyword targeting can reach your target market with a highly relevant list of words. It’s important not to be too broad. Use the Google Keyword planner for helpful suggestions.

#3: Location targeting is key. With Google Video AdWords you can target as high level as a county and as drilled down as a zip code.

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