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Breakthrough Brunch Series

Apr 28, 2014

Partnering again with Paul Greiner of ALS Consulting and now also with CJ Maurer from Of The Sea Marketing – Nickel City Graphics LLC is again helping organize an event to support your small business. This time its a series of brunch events, called the Breakthrough Brunch series – each one focused on generating action from attendees. The series kicks off on May 17th with ‘End the Stalemate’. A concept pioneered by CJ that compares small business to a game of summer camp capture the flag. For most of the game, the opposing teams stand on their respective sides of the field wait for the other side to make a move, make themselves vulnerable. Only when that happens does the game truly begin. Here is our official event/series description:

The Breakthrough Brunch Series is comprised of high-value events designed for forward-thinking entrepreneurs, professionals and leaders. Held on one Saturday per month, each event will have a specific theme and provide a unique opportunity to connect and collaborate with other individuals and groups in the business community committed to new ways of thinking, new approaches and new results.

In our inaugural event, we will be revealing, exploring and demonstrating a distinct way of approaching business success: making the first move and (really and truly) demonstrating value. Our speakers will set the stage by debunking some myths about power and success, leading an exercise to clarify who it is that we want to connect with, and then bringing it home with a networking exercise unlike anything you’ve experienced: you will make a significant difference for at least one person, and at least one other person will do the same for you. Guaranteed.

Yes, we’re kicking off with a bang. Sign up, strap in and get ready to play it forward. Oh, and our space is limited, so register ASAP (it’s $5 more at the door, and space-permitting).

Part of our contribution is the logo above. We adapted it from the Small Business Breakthrough Day logo to give the brunches their own, related brand.

The first event in the Breakthrough Brunch Series – ‘End the Stalemate’ – will be held on May 17th at Joe’s Deli on Elmwood from 11am to 1pm. Visit the Small Business Breakthrough Events page for more information and tickets.

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