How to Speak Directly to Your Target Audience with Video Marketing

Feb 15, 2018


A common mistake in video marketing is to assume your audience is everyone. Sure, it would be amazing to reach all 30 million people who visit YouTube each day. But precisely 0% of businesses reach every video viewer.

Instead, think of videos as a way to bond deeply with a special slice of viewers: your target audience. Here’s how to speak directly to them.

Use Audience Targeting Tools

Each video channel offers ways to direct your video at your specific audience. So, make sure you’re taking advantage of these effective targeting tools.

Utilize the Google AdWords platform when it comes to targeted promotion of videos you have hosted on YouTube. Google Adwords, allows tight geographic targeting. This is important for companies that are strongly location-based. Restaurants and small retail shops, for example, usually define their audience within a limited geographic area.

Google AdWords also offers an array of demographic targeting tools. Unfortunately, it defaults to targeting your video at “all users.” You don’t really want an ad for your vegetarian food to reach millions of meat eaters. So, use the refining tools to choose demographics, interests, placements and affinity groups to best reach your target market.

Facebook allows you to create an “engagement custom audience” based on the types of people who are most interested in your video. Are you getting lots of views from Midwestern dads who like Game of Thrones? Then Facebook will automatically show your video to more of those people.


Find Their Favorite Format

Another way to reach your target market is to explore various video formats and determine which one resonates most deeply with your audience. This is usually a balance between customer demographics and how people use your products.

Next here are a few examples of connections between audience and format.

How-to videos are perfect for customers that will face assembly or complexity, like with furniture, gadgets, beauty products, fitness gear, and business equipment. Simple how-to videos are some of the highest-ranked videos on the internet. This one about how to tie and tie.

Humorous videos build audience fast through social sharing. If high growth is your company’s goal, you should consider parodies, skits, and other funny formats. Blender company Blendtec got 6 million views in 6 days with a funny, low-budget video. Spoiler alert: You CAN grind a Justin Bieber doll to a pulp in a Blendtec blender.

Behind-the-scenes videos are great for building trust, like with B2B audiences, skeptics, and image-conscious buyers. Give your audience a peek into your daily operations or show how your products are made. Testimonials and case studies are variations on this format. See media guru Richard Branson’s “A Day in the Life” video.

Animation/motion videos work well for audiences that need education or motivation. This includes new customers, new employees, students, salespeople, and bloggers. Internet analysis company Ookla used an animated video to introduce themselves to tech users.

Do you want an easy and effective way to create these videos? Try out Lumen5 an AI based online video maker


Speak The Language of Your Target Audience

As you create your videos, remember how important it is to speak in the language of your audience. Your company might be filled with middle-age middle managers. What if your target market is mostly tech-savvy millennials? Can you talk like them?

This is where a good video marketing company makes all the difference. Experienced video marketers can help you pinpoint the language of your target market. They can also help you incorporate it into your video in a natural, professional way.

Anyone who’s seen the famous YouTube video “A Conference Call in Real Life” has seen a perfect example of the power of language. Tripp & Tyler used business buzzwords and cliches to create one of the most-shared videos among businesspeople, with more than 15 million views.


Ready to Connect With Your Target Audience?

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