Why Video is Awesome #1 – Introduce Yourself

Jan 11, 2016


Introduce Yourself

Video is a great opportunity to introduce yourself or your business. I was recently part of a story where this came into play.

A friend was looking for insurance advice. I offer to hook him up with ‘my guy’. He is a great insurance guy, but let’s face it – this is what people think of when they hear insurance or financial, lawyer, marketer . . . you get the idea. But, what if you could get yourself in front of a potential client with all your charm, grace and expert knowledge. This might turn into this – Hey, I kind of like this guy.

So, get yourself out there to help break down the initial barrier. Link to your video in your email signature, put it front and center on your website or share it with potential referral sources. The ability to introduce yourself is just one reason that video marketing is awesome. Subscribe to our YouTube channel or newsletter for more reasons.

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