Nickel City Graphics LLC has been hosting the Microbusiness Meetup for over a year now. We began hosting the event in January of 2013 and received a lot of immediate interest – packing as many as thirty ‘Micros’ into our office space. Fall of 2014 brought on some change within the group. At that point we hooked up with Buffalo Business Networking – an umbrella group designed to facilitate groups much like ours. They supplied board-room style meeting rooms for Microbusiness Meetups at the Innovation Center on the Buffalo Niagara Medical Campusand access to a new group of small business owners to assist. The upcoming Microbusiness Meetup marks the return to our office space for the March 26th event.

We are committed to continuing the growth and success of the Microbusiness Meetup, and to that end we have made a few enhancements to the group. First, you will notice the Microbusiness Meetup’s new logo above. We wanted to keep the logo simple and legible. The compact fluorescent light bulb is a take on the classic ‘idea’ light bulb with a modern twist. A nod to the future of microbusiness capability. Other, understated graphic elements speak to the ‘micro’ part of the title. We also designed an acronym version, for use in the Microbusiness Meetup’s LinkedIn Group and other appropriate applications as they arise (below).

Second, as mentioned in the previous paragraph, we have started a Microbusiness Meetup LinkedIn Group. We wanted to extend the discussion and support of the Microbusiness Meetup to beyond our monthly gatherings. If a ‘Micro’ can’t make the meeting, they can now join the Microbusiness Meetup LinkedIn group for continued discussion about the problems/successes of your microbusiness outside of our monthly meeting.

Third, we are looking to spread participation even further went we begin webcasting the meetings to anyone who wants to tune in via YouTube. The March 26th meeting will be our first webcasted Microbusiness Meetup. If you are not able to make it to the meeting or don’t reside in the Buffalo/Niagara region, it could be a great solution for getting involved. Here is a link.