Live Nation Darien Lake Benefit Videos

We produced an overview video of Live Nation Darien Lake’s VIP Experience a few years back and had subsequently updated it. This set of feature videos is a further evolution of that project. In a dual effort to create more video content for their in-house marketing efforts and speak to customers directly about specific features of attending a Darien Lake concert as a VIP, we are in the process of creating a series of single-subject videos.

These single-subject videos run 30-45 seconds and feature client testimonials that speak about one feature of the VIP Experience. Below are the first two videos of the series. Parking and customer service.

The parking video has already been viewed 2K times and generated a strong click-through response. For anyone who has ever experienced typical concert parking, you know why this subject is so popular. Easy-access, convenient parking is unheard of in the concert venue world.

More videos in this series will be released throughout the summer. Ten feature videos in total.