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Felgemacher Masonry and Chimney – Overview

Felgemacher Masonry is Western New York’s premier construction company in the restoration and repair of chimneys. The list of chimney work that we are able to provide includes chimney restoration & repair, tuckpointing, brick & stone step repair, chimney sweeping, chimney cleaning, wood stove pipe cleaning, chimney liners, chimney flue cleaning, video inspections, chase cover installation and the installation of interior exposed brick.

Kurt Felgemacher: [00:00:04] The company was founded by my grandfather, John Felgemacher. The young age he learned the trade of masonry over in Germany. We had family here in Buffalo and he came here in 1948.

Eric Felgemacher: [00:00:16] His whole life was masonry. He did a lot of development. He really kind of fine-tuned that to just be chimneys.

Lisa Felgemacher: [00:00:22] Eventually my father ended up working with him, and it was just the two of them going around fixing chimneys, rebuilding chimneys, and about five years ago both my brothers joined on. Eventually, they realized in order to expand they needed to put someone in the office, and that’s when I came along, and we’ve grown a lot since.

Eric Felgemacher: [00:00:40] I think I was in eighth grade, maybe going into 9th grade. My dad said, “Hey, tomorrow I’m picking you up at 7 o’clock, and this is your job now. There are no set hours. We work until we decide to go home.” I learned something that a lot of people don’t know, and now I don’t take it for granted. Maybe I did back then. Every summer, that was pretty much my daily routine.

Kurt Felgemacher: [00:01:02] Years ago during the summer I was actually living in Chicago, and I came back to Buffalo and helped out my dad, my grandfather, and my brother, and that really kind of got me into it.

Eric Felgemacher: [00:01:12] We provide pretty much anything chimney related. So venting, rebuilding, tuck pointing, general repair of a chimney, down to fireplaces like gas inserts, wood burning fireplaces, wood burning stoves, pretty much anything top to bottom chimney and venting.

Lisa Felgemacher: [00:01:29] A lot of other masonry companies do other work. They do foundation work, concrete. We specifically specialize in chimneys.

Kurt Felgemacher: [00:01:39] Unique to this area, actually, is we go through training. We’re a part of the National Fireplace Institute, we’re gas certified. We’re also certified by the Chimney Safety Institute of America. There’s only one other company in this area within 50 miles that has those type of certifications.

Eric Felgemacher: [00:01:55] If you have no idea what’s safe, and what’s not, you just think you do, being a certified CSIA chimney sweep definitely makes a big difference because that’s the seal of approval, saying that you know what you’re doing and that your customer can feel confident in the work that you do.

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