The Clients

GObike Buffalo (formerly Green Options Buffalo) works to create healthy, environmentally sustainable, community friendly transportation in the Greater Buffalo Region.
Flying Bison Brewing Company is a packaging brewery located in the city of Buffalo, and the first stand alone brewery to operate in the city proper since Iroquois Brewing closed its doors in 1972.

The Goal
Create a logo for the new beer that incorporates bicycle culture, ties to city of Buffalo, and the beer name.

The Project
Nickel City Graphics was tasked with designing a logo that appealed to the Buffalo ‘biking-class’, as well as the general public. The logo includes graphic elements tied to biking – a bicycle gear and chain and Buffalo – the buffalo head on the gear and rust-belt motif. All these elements are designed to tie the beer to it’s beneifactor, the Buffalo bike scene. We also designed the title to be high-contrast so it is visible from across the room, or in a dimmly lit bar.

A number of print collateral designs were
developed to launch the brand – including coasters, info cards and posters.

The Results

Rusty Chain Beer was an overnight success. The plan was to get the new beer a test run at a few local bars and restaurants. After the initial run the list of establishments carrying the beer exploded, and within a couple years the beer began to be bottled and more widely distributed. The biggest struggle with the Rusty Chain has been producing enough to keep it in stock.
The sucess of the beer brought positive change to Buffalo biking infrastructure. Profits helped fund the installation of the iconic, blue GObike Buffalo bicycle racks around the city.
You can now find Rusty Chain anywhere Flying Bison beer is sold, and it has become the brewery’s #1 selling beer.