Earlier this year the One Region Forward team at the University at Buffalo’s Regional Institute started the ball rolling on their new Citizen Planning School – a four session, public education program designed to inform and empower citizens, community activists and grassroots organizers to take action in the Buffalo/Niagara Region. The school was a great success, drawing a full house to each of the sessions and spinning off a group of motivated citizens each developing their own community project.

These organizers are called the Champions for Change and the above video gives an overview of their projects, their experience within the Champions for Change program and the potential impact of these activists on the Buffalo/Niagara Region.

Check back for more videos from this project with specific Champion videos.


UPDATE 03/10/15

Here is the full compliment of Champions for Change project videos. We not only produced the videos, but delivered over 10,000 guaranteed views for this campaign. Find a project to support in your neighborhood.