The Client

Buffalo Complete Streets ( The Buffalo Complete Streets ordinance was passed in 2008, and is also a key component of Buffalo Green Code. It is defined as streets with facilities that are designed and operated to enable safe access for all users along our roadways. Complete Streets include considerations for persons with disabilities, pedestrians, bicyclists, motorists, and transit riders.

The Goal

To create four interactive videos for the client that would explain the benefits of the twelve “complete streets” features used as examples on the Buffalo Complete Streets website.

The Project

Web videos are a great way to explain abstract concepts, and that is what we were able to accomplish for Buffalo Complete Streets with this web video series.

The project concept was developed to compliment a flash presentation of complete street elements on the Buffalo Complete Streets website. When a web user clicks on one the presentation’s ‘hot spots’ they see one of twelve short videos illustrating the benefit of that element to the streetscape. For instance, when a user clicks on the bicycle rack hot spot, they see how bicycle racks facilitate parking for bicyclists, and clicking the crosswalk hot spot shows them to a video demonstrating its importance. The videos are also intended to be humorous to add an element of interest. In addition to the short versions of the video, stand-alone YouTube presentations were also produced, extending the reach and prominence of the video series on the web.

Nickel City Graphics‘ role in these videos began with the concept and included all steps of production through to publication of the videos on YouTube, partnering closely with GO Bike Buffalo. This collaboration allowed us to create a video series that is impactful and entertaining enough to serve as a resource for years to come as part of the Buffalo Complete Streets initiative.

The videos features a number of local organizations, prominent community members and places, including a rain garden constructed by PUSH Buffalo, an appearance by Terror TechnologiesBurning Books owner Leslie Pickering, GoBike Buffalo’s own Henry Raess and music by the Pseudo Intellectuals.