ALS Consulting Presentation Case Study

May 6, 2017


So far, so good on the ALS Consulting presentation product. We have wrapped up our 4,000 Guaranteed Views for this campaign. The current results stand at 4,132 views and 144 click-throughs to Paul’s complete presentation as of December 20.

ALS Consulting is a business performance coaching firm that produces unprecedented results for their clients. In this line of work they spend a lot of time making presentations about how other businesses can improve their performance. Some of these presentations take place at networking groups that allow members to put on 15 – 20 minute presentations about their businesses. It’s a great opportunity to show off what is great about your company and it is at one such networking group that we developed our latest project with Paul Greiner of ALS Consulting.

Paul was scheduled to perform a presentation at the Buffalo Business Builders of Western New York networking group. He wanted to leverage that effort into a video marketing campaign so that he could reach an audience larger than just the people sitting in the meeting. Together we came up with a plan to record his presentation and clip out the most powerful statements to create a series of videos to be used in the campaign. In addition to producing the videos we are distributing the series via our Guaranteed Views service – via the Google Display Network directly to Paul’s target market. The campaign utilized a presentation that Paul had already planned to deliver, so there was no extra work on his end, just an opportunity to reach thousands of potential clients instead of a handful. We have since designed a line of video products that cater to people in the same situation as Paul with our Marketing With Your Presentation video products. Visit the page to find out more.

Paul’s presentation was called Double Your Sales and featured a number of client engagements where he had done just that. Doubled the sales of his client in 12 – 18 months. You can see a playlist of the videos we created below:

The first eight videos of the playlist are single statement video clips meant to be used as social media content and as pre-roll for the campaign’s sales funnel. These videos are clipped directly out of Paul’s presentation recording and run between 0:22 and 1:35 creating easily consumed and poignant statements used to draw users to the full-length presentation.

Video number nine is a 2:35 clip that encapsulates the message of the presentation in short form. It is an outline of the primary case study of the presentation. A look at ‘Ben’ and his dramatic increase in sales that came from working with Paul. The video can be seen below.

The last video of the series is the full version of the Double Your Sales presentation, complete with PowerPoint slides and Paul’s offer (a crucial part of the sales-oriented presentation). This video serves as the last step of the Double Your Sales funnel to be housed on the ALS Consulting website.

Are you interested in turning one of your presentations into a video marketing campaign? Contact us today.