ACV Auctions

Have you heard of ACV Auctions yet? Well you should have by now! The small startup team won the 43North business competition in 2015. Each year 43North awards $5 million in capital (including a grand prize of $1 million) to startups from around the world. The prize is just the beginning of the journey, giving companies the funds to really get their business on the ground running.


The challenge

ACV Auctions startup really got on their feet quickly. The company has already achieved great success and we’re here to spread the word on what they have to offer. The goal was to make a short, stimulating video to showcase how the application works and how easy it is to use.


This live wholesale marketplace is used for dealers to buy and sell cars without attending physical auctions. Everything can be done at your fingertips with their app, how convenient is that? The best part is that users are able to completely avoid all of the hefty fees usually associated with the auctioning process. It’s a win-win for everyone who uses it. Now let’s get the word out.


The solution

NCG and ACV got together and formulated a plan of attack. A short script was created and complemented by a series of car shots to be laid over the voiceover track. Viewers are walked through the process in a basic manor, showing how easy and convenient the free app is.


The results

We had the pleasure of working with the ACV auctions team to create this promotional video for their app. It combines on site shots with screen captures to help guide users through the process.


Our guaranteed views campaign led to app installs to properly target potential clients. This will direct website traffic to be sure the video and website are seen by the right people. We promised 1,750 Guaranteed Views and it hasn’t stopped there. Just 12 days after the video went live on YouTube, the view count rose to over 2,300. Today, the video has been viewed over 90,000 times.

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