Absolut Care Case Study

The Challenge

We were asked by Of The Sea to do the video production for an Absolut Care web series to be used for marketing, in-house communication and employee recruitment and training. Absolut Care has twelve facilities in the surrounding area and our goal continues to be to showcase the company and give potential residents insight into what they could be enjoying. It’s important that we maximize the exposure of the videos and put them in front of those who matter.


The Solution

We have created (and continue to create) professional grade videos filmed on site and edited in house. Graphic styling is created and overlaid on each of the the videos to add a little extra pizzazz.


Along with creating videos that appeal to the target audience, we also guarantee that it is seen. Other companies may promise you quality videos, but then what do you do once you have the finished product? That’s the the tricky part that no one likes to talk about. You need to get that video out there and in front of interested eyes!


We include Guaranteed Views with any video production being used for marketing purposes. What does that mean?

It’s simple, we set up a Video AdWords campaign to promote your video(s) via and the Google Display network. We do all of the work so you don’t have to. Allow one month for your views to accumulate and your video will get viewed by your target market. Guaranteed.


The Results

The success is clear. To date, the videos we have produced have anywhere from 1,000 – 2,500 views on YouTube. The best part? No heavy lifting was don’t on the client’s end.  We currently continue to make videos for Absolut Care in the same manner we started.

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