How Tech Companies Can Leverage Social Video for Lead Generation

May 21, 2018

You know your product is amazing and could improve the lives of so many people. And if only you could get it in front of more people, they would know it too.

That, of course, is the challenge of so many tech companies. The age of the door-to-door vacuum cleaner salesman has long since passed. So how do you demonstrate the power of what you’ve created to people who may not even know that a solution to their problem exists?


You take the product to the people where they live. No, not their front doors. (Apparently, doorbells are getting to be passé anyway.) Their home on social media, where the average person spends nearly two hours a day. This is the new commons, where people meet up, chat about culture, politics, and life, where they share warnings and lifehacks, and increasingly, where they shop.

So why is video so well-suited to social media, when there are so many other types of content available?


Video lets people experience your product firsthand.

So you can’t walk up to strangers on the street, put your product in their hand, and demand that they try using it. Talking about your product will only get you so far, and descriptions of use tend to be either incredibly subjective or devastatingly dull.

Adding photos can help, but then you’ve got one static image to convey an entire experience. But video is as close to truly being there as today’s everyday technology allows. Not even the most dedicated readers really want to go through step-by-step instructions for a product they’re not even sure they’re interested in yet: “And then you click on this, in the upper-left corner. And then you’ll see several options in a drop-down menu, including A, B, and C. Then you …”

Video lets you show all of this in a way that teaches without lecturing, creating an experience that is both engaging and informative. It answers the explicit question of “What is this thing and why do I care?” as well as the unspoken (but equally important) question: “Can I clearly envision myself using this?” 

In this iPhone X advertisement, Apple shows off new features of the phone that are closely associated to the individual using it, for example the Face ID feature.  Showing off features that can be used universally, allows more consumers to see themselves using the product.



Video is the most shareable format available today.

People love watching social videos. Here are some statistics for you, courtesy of Hubspot:

  • 54% of consumers want to see video from brands they support.
  • Consumers also find video content to be more memorable than images or text.
  • 45% of people report watching an hour or more of video on YouTube and Facebook each week.

That being said, video ads that interrupt unrelated content or autoplay when visiting a website are a huge turn-off to most viewers. 82% of consumers have exited a webpage due to an auto-playing ad, and 91% of people say ads are more intrusive now than they were two years ago.

So what gets people sharing? Short, compelling videos that share meaningful information. Even traditional sources of print news are now using social videos, as videos are seven times more likely to be shared than links. This is even true for people who would rather read than watch video once on the source’s website. If you can find a way to connect your product to people’s lived experiences, they will share it with others.


Social videos are just the start.

By including a call to action in your video, you can encourage viewers to take the next step. This could be a recommendation that the viewer contacts you, request information, watch another video, make a purchase, or share with friends. Whatever your goal, you’ve already succeeded in creating a memory and providing a service without even requiring people to leave their own digital living room.


Making videos people want to share can be challenging.

If you’re a tech company that’s new to video marketing, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. Are you looking for a quick run-down of the basics? View or download The Tech Company’s Video Marketing Playbook here.

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