Effective Strategies for B2B Video Marketing

Feb 25, 2018



B2B video marketing is creating impressive results: 41% more web traffic, 80% increases in conversions, 200 to 300% increases in email click-throughs. Last year, 70% of B2B marketers ranked video as the most effective content for converting qualified leads.

If most of your customers are other businesses, you’re a great candidate for seeing these kinds of results. B2B video marketing is a powerful and memorable way to connect with B2B clients.


B2B Video Marketing

Here are some effective b2b video marketing strategies you can add to your plan today, and start seeing the benefits right away. 

Build B2B Trust

Good businesses want to work with other good businesses. Or, to say it another way, they’re always on the lookout for fakes so they can avoid them. High-quality videos are a great way to show your B2B audience that you’re legit, open, and trustworthy.Build trust with potential clients by sharing behind-the-scenes footage that gives insight into your business practices. Examples include:
  • A virtual tour of your facility or production process
  • A day in the life of your product or service, from facility to customer
  • A GoPro (body camera) perspective of your company culture
  • A look at the inner workings of your product, like a peek inside a complex hardware

Show a Human Face

Sometimes, B2B marketing can be a little impersonal. Business A tries to sell widgets to business B. But a skilled production company can help you put a human face on the B2B experience.Here’s something interesting about human faces. Friendly faces rank higher than scientists, researchers, and industry experts in believability. Faces give nonverbal cues about having your best interests at heart, which people are hard-wired to prefer.Here are a few video formats you can use to add a human face and boost believability.
  • Testimonials from real customers
  • Case studies> explained by friendly employees
  • Virtual meet-and-greet tours of your facility

Take a Moment to Explain

Have you heard about explainer videos? They’re easy-to-understand clips, usually just 1 to 5 minutes in length, that explain a complex concept in a simple way. Hubspot offers an interesting list of popular B2B explainer videosfrom around the world.These videos are perfect for B2B audiences. They offer an opportunity to explain a company’s products and services without sounding too salesy or scientific.Don’t worry, your product doesn’t have to be sexy to be featured in an explainer video. For example, the email productivity company Unroll.me created a popular 1-minute B2B explainer that simply emphasized the theme, “Email doesn’t have to suck.” 

Lighten Up Your Brand

Is your brand funny? Could it at least use a touch of humor? B2B  video marketing professionals sometimes reject funny videos because they don’t seem professional. But people love to laugh, and they love brands that make them chuckle.Here are a few funny video formats that are still buttoned-up enough for B2B:
  • Animation/motion graphics videos that show your products’ superpowers
  • Spoofs and parodies about the dangers of not using your product
  • Funny FAQs and Q&As that involve exaggerated mishaps
  • Sketches that show heroes winning life by using your services

Repackage Existing Content

Does your company already have hours of video footage sitting forgotten on a server? Do you have old cell phone videos from various events? If so, you could be repackaging it, mixing in a bit of new footage, and creating engaging B2B content.A skilled video marketing company can help you incorporate existing content into an integrated marketing strategy. Here are a few effective formats:
  • Highlights reels of popular products and services
  • Promotional videos for upcoming events
  • Employee sales training videos
  • Best-of videos and top ten lists, which are great for YouTube watchers
  • Customer interviews that become part of B2B sales packages
Have we sparked some new B2B marketing ideas for your company? Reach out to Nickel City Graphics to continue the conversation, or download our Video Marketing Strategy Blueprint. 

Are You Interested in Integrating Video Into Your Marketing?

Nickel City Graphics has a guide for you. The Video Marketing Strategy Blueprint delves into the different video types, and how they can be used most effectively. Sound like something you’re looking for? Check out the Blueprint today.
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