5 Ways to Integrate Video into Your Current Marketing Strategy

Feb 18, 2018

When you add video to your marketing strategy, you set up your company for long-term success. Around the world, viewer attention is shifting away from traditional media and toward video as a primary source of buying information. A Google study projects that by 2025, half of viewers under age 32 will no longer subscribe to paid TV of any kind. Instead, they’ll watch videos exclusively on YouTube, Facebook, and other streaming services. By 2019, video will make up 80% of all web traffic.
So, how does your company capitalize on the power of video? Here are 5 ways you can easily integrate video into your current marketing strategy.  

Video Integration Tactic #1: Improve the Buying Experience

Every company wants its customers to have a positive experience with their products and services. In fact, most advertising is geared toward getting people to cross that finish line: making the purchase. In reality, consumers are wary. Giving up their money feels like a commitment. That’s why 69% of online shopping carts are abandoned before purchase. Something spooks customers and makes them hesitate before buying. This is where you can integrate video and make a huge difference for your company. Imagine making more sales with a video featuring sleek product shots and happy customers. What if a 30-second video could close 30% more deals, or reduce your cart abandonment by half? Integrate video to expand the customer experience. Before the sale, they reassure skeptical buyers. After the sale, they reconnect on social media and other channels to drive repeat buys. Videos are a key part of your brand message.  

Video Integration Tactic #2: Make Yourself an Authority

A high-quality video lends your company an air of legitimacy. Customers can see video evidence of your company’s success, right in front of their eyes. Video has become a key part of modern reputational marketing – preserving your company’s reputation by making it a trusted authority. Reputation includes things like mentions, comments, trending topics, reviews, recommendations and other online buzz – all things that are heavily influenced by video. As an example, look at the hotel industry. With the rise of Yelp, many hotels began receiving brutal reviews alleging horrible room conditions. Instead of getting bogged down in arguments with reviewers, many major hotel chains began filming professional videos of their rooms and posting them on Yelp and other sites. Future customers could see for themselves whether the reviews were true.  

Video Integration Tactic #3: Educate and Instruct

Cats own the internet, right? There are about 2 million cat videos on YouTube, accounting for 24.6 billion views. But here’s another warm, fuzzy fact: Educational videos get 4 times the viewership of cat videos. That’s right, a Google/YouTube study found that instructional and educational footage gets 4 times as much watch time as all animal videos combined. This is a great news for businesses that want to educate the public about their products and services. Viewers are hungry for videos that help them learn about new products, figure out how to do things, and decide whether to make future purchases. Most-watched educational/instructional videos fall into categories like:
  • Product reviews
  • How-tos
  • Money-saving tips
  • Walkthroughs
  • Haul videos
  • Best-of lists
  • Unboxing videos
  • Q&As
  • Case studies
Integrate educational videos into your marketing strategy by identifying key points in the customer service process where videos can make a difference. For example, you could offer customers access to instructional clips that make it easier and more satisfying to use the product.  

Video Integration Tactic #4: Expand Your Brand

If your company currently places online ads through Google Adwords or Facebook, paid-content YouTube videos are your next logical step. Integrate video to build your audience and extend your branding message. YouTube ads are generally cheap and easy to align with existing brand goals. Choose who you want to reach by demographics, interests, contextual keywords, video topics, type of device, and much more. Quick Plug: If you need additional guidance, we can help. Our Guaranteed Views service distributes YouTube videos via the Google Display Network. Ready to connect with your target market? Nickel City Graphics specializes in making high-quality videos that resonate with the right audiences. Download the free Video Marketing Strategy Blueprint and start making videos quickly and effectively.
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